New City of Keene Mask Ordinance

Per Ordinance O-2020-09-A:

“Any member of the public entering ANY business for ANY purpose, INCLUDING OUTDOOR AREAS where business is conducted, are REQUIRED to wear a face covering completely covering their nose and mouth while conducting their business except while seated.”

Therefore, it is now required that a mask be worn when enter/exiting our building, or any other time not seated (Unless you have a medical or development condition.) We have a limited supply of masks at the bar should you not have your own.

We reserve the right to not serve anyone not complying with this requirement from the City of Keene.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Thursday Night Drawings Are Back !!

We will be limiting seating inside to the tables that are setup to allow for social distancing. Please do not re-arrange the tables/chairs. Additionally, we will not allow mingling at the bar unless you are waiting to order a beverage. Everyone inside should be seated at a table. There is plenty of additional seating outside. Please follow all posted guidelines and follow any additional directions from our bartenders and Board members.

Masks are required when entering/exiting our building and any time while not seated (per City of Keene Ordinance O-2020-09-A) . A limited supply of masks are available at the bar should you not have one of your own. As always,our Employees will be wearing masks.

This is a non-smoking event !!
Thank you for your cooperation