Holiday Monthly Drawing

January 2023


Chance to win every day during  January 2023

$50 Drawing Everyday


$100 Drawing Every Wednesday and Saturday

$200 Drawing Every Sunday

$300 Drawing on  January 1st

$500 Drawing  on  January 31st


Only 300 Tickets  Sold

Purchase Tickets at the Bar for $20 

Permit # RF-2022-51


Ladies Night Mondays

5:00PM to Close
$3 Well drinks and wine
$2 16oz. domestic drafts


1. Queen of Hearts tickets are on sale for $2 each. The next drawing is scheduled to happen on SUNDAY 12/04/2022 at 3:00 pm. The current pot is expected to be over $2500! Tickets are available at the bar.

2. Ladies’ Night Mondays! – we will be having Ladies Nights on Mondays from 5:00 PM to Close!  Well drinks and wine are only $3 and 16 oz domestic drafts are $2.

3. IC Clothing sale – 20% off all IN-STOCK items. See the bar for pricing and item listing. Makes great Christmas gifts! We will have a list and signup for NEW item pre-purchases. Prices will be going up due to increased pricing from our vendor.

4. January Calendar Drawing – We will be having a Holiday Calendar Drawing during the month of January. Same prizes, etc. This was moved due to slow ticket sales. You will have chances to win every day during the month! Tickets are on sale NOW at the bar for $20 each. Details are on our bulletin board on the door, FB and our website.

5. Toy for Tots – we have a collection box near the pool table. You have until December 16th to make your donation of an unwrapped gift

6. Up Coming Bands/Music – normally bands start at 7:00 pm unless otherwise noted

  • Saturday, Dec. 10th – Neon Alley, Membership Christmas Party

7. SAVE the Date(s) –

  • Saturday, Dec. 10th – Membership Christmas Party and Potluck.
    Neon Alley providing music.
  • Saturday, Dec. 17th – Children’s Christmas Party. Signup on the bulletin board
  • Saturday, Dec. 31st – New Year’s Eve with Barney Strife and the Deputies
    – starts at 8:00 pm

Queen of Hearts

Tickets on sale NOW for $2 each


  1. In order to play, you MUST be a CURRENT MEMBER in good standing of the William Marconi Italian Club.
  2. Tickets are $2 each with no limit on the number of tickets you may purchase. Tickets may be purchased anytime, up to 2:45pm on the day of the drawing, which is currently on Sunday. Tickets are available at the Bar.
  3. Write your name, member # and the number of the card envelope you want (1 thru 54). Only one name and envelope # per ticket.
  4. Each Sunday at 3:00pm (unless otherwise noted), a ticket will be drawn from all tickets purchased for that week. Drawings will not be held on holidays that fall on a Sunday and the pot will automatically roll over to the following week.
  5. Only one ticket is drawn per week.
  6. If your ticket is drawn and you are present you will be awarded $25 (if jackpot is not won). If a Joker is found in your envelope number $25 will be awarded. If the King of Hearts is found in your envelope number $50 will be awarded.
  7. If the Queen of Hearts is found in your envelope number you will win the pot less 20% if you are present. If you are not present and the Queen of Hearts is found in your envelope number you will win ½ the pot less 20%.
  8. If the Queen of Hearts is not found the pot will roll over to the following week.
  9. Once an envelope is selected, it will be removed from play and the card contained in it will be displayed face up on the board.
  10. After each drawing all tickets for that week will be destroyed.
  11. The prize jackpot will continue to accumulate each week until the Queen of Hearts is drawn. The jackpot amount is based solely on ticket sales.
  12. The minimum pot is $500 following a full win
  13. The Queen of Hearts game board will be displayed at The William Marconi Italian Club and will remain locked at all times except during the weekly drawing.


Permit # RF-2022-030